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VVAA Gravity and Quantum Mechanics (2CD)


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Gravity and Quantum Mechanics” is the first official CD-Release by 51beats.


This double CD collection is compiled by ROBIDAT with a selection of tracks from the 51beats netreleases + previously unreleased gems. 


“Gravity and Quantum Mechanics” perfectly reflects the double 51beats essence: “listen and take your time…” and “wake up and dance!”. You will surf into the most intelligent variety of modern sounds and compositions with the electroacoustic and atmospheric “UP” and you’ll then come back to dance with “DOWN” and its heavier analogical techno-dancefloor tracks. More than 2 hours music gems.


You can stream all the tracks here but we obviously would like you to place an order at our PayPal account to grab one or more copies of this limited edition (100 copies) double CD !!!




Track n.3 (Abstract) in the DOWN cd is a mix by Robidat containing: Cappellaio Matto & Leprotto Bisestile: conforming; Gollywop: 51beats (minimal mix); Plasman: zyprexa; The Swindler Beat: Memento (feat. Marcio McFly); Marcio McFly: 10+20=50; Ash: unreleased; Plasman: polpo





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