Dorcelsius: Isis Nile (the 7" vinyl version!!)


Prezzo comprensivo di IVA, più consegna

51BEATS is proud to take part to this international joint-releasing project with STEAK AU ZOO (Berlin-DE),STELLAR KINEMATICS (Paris-FR), and NEH-OWH (Copenhagen-DK).


The ISIS NILE ep is available as 100 ltd edition 7" at labels shop.

You can stream the work on this page

You can buy MP3 here


This is what is really called an international collaboration with the only aim to spred new good music around !


The live chat girl is not only the light of every lonely misfit’s life but skilled in the art of seduction. It makes sense, then, that Paris-Berlin duo Dorcelsius should utilise the talent of their Russian friend ‘Isis’, to announce their forthcoming work....

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